5 Reasons You Need a Side Hustle... and How to Get Started!

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of side-hustles. I've done a lot in addition to my 9-5 including personal training, group fitness classes, online fitness coaching, group mentoring, and running a home delivery wine club. I absolutely LOVE the ability to add coin to my bank account because of the work that I'm doing outside of my corporate life. It doesn't even feel like work.

Let's face it- there's a limit to what we can make if we are on a salary. When you run your own side hustle, it takes work, but it's so rewarding because YOU control how much you earn by the effort you put in. I've realized it's not all about the coin though. My life is significantly more rewarding after years of running my own side biz because of what it pushes me to do. If you've ever considered starting your own blog, joining my wine team, or offering a service to others that only YOU can provide in your unique way, I'll share with you these 5 benefits I've learned to appreciate over the years.

​1. Ongoing personal growth.

Running a side biz is NOT easy. Let's get that out of the way. It requires commitment in your free time (less happy hours and more time for training/implementation). Your business is YOURS. Did you hear that? YOURS. It requires your personal touch and for constant personal development on your end. To best serve your customers, grow your team, or expand your brand - you must grow yourself! I've learned to love listening to a variety of podcasts to help me with my business, reading books that expand my thought process, and taking online courses that push me to get outside of my comfort zone. Interestingly enough, I've realized that the more uncomfortable I get, the more my business grows. Funny how that works!

2. Monetizing what you love.

We all need money. End of story. Whether you're paying off debt, caring for your family, or donating to causes that are dear to your heart - money truly does create a sense of freedom in our lives to do more, give back, and live life to the fullest. I mentioned that in the corporate world, or even in any job - your salary or hourly rate is what it is and there's not much more you can do to add to that. Sure, there is overtime or bonus potential (for some people), but that isn't guaranteed. When you run your own side biz, your earning potential is limitless. Don't get that twisted. It still takes a lot of work and desire, but when you find what works for you after failing forward a few times, it's pretty incredible to see the coins flow into your bank account. You truly get out of it what you pour into it!

3. Passion to help other people.

I'm gonna be real with you. I've always been a bit selfish in that I wanted to climb to the top, be the best, prove that I'm capable, and that I didn't need anyone else. This stemmed from an early age and is something that I've worked to overcome. Thankfully, this isn't the case now, and have discovered this amazing place in my soul where I genuinely appreciate helping others win. I've realized that when I'm helping others grow, I continue to grow with them. Think about it - when you're pouring into someone and sharing wisdom with them, wouldn't that mean you're also reinforcing wisdom in your own life? The best teachers teach everyday. The greatest writers write everyday. The most successful share wisdom with others everyday. This passion brings so much joy and if you haven't found that already- you're well on your way and I hope that I've inspired you to make it happen. You really won't succeed in this life without somehow helping others along the way.

4. Enriched relationships.

When you run your own side biz, you can't do it alone. Now don't get me wrong. You can run a side hustle completely on your own, but you still have to get REALLY good at communicating with people if you want to pitch your product, grow your team, and actually make coin. With e-commerce, it's a lot easier to automate processes and make your business grow in your sleep, but you can't ever replace true, meaningful relationships with a system. Even if you have a system in place to remember to reach out to people - you still have to write the email, make the phone call, or send the message right? Relationships are so key to everything that we do. I went for years thinking that I only needed to know certain people or give only a particular type of person the time of day. What a waste of time! I've learned to appreciate my interactions with each person that comes into my life and you never know what that connection may do for you in the future. You'll find that the process involved with running a successful business requires that you have a more positive and grateful outlook in life. Along the way, you learn to treat others the way you'd want to be treated and you make less and less assumptions about the lives of others. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy. Don't take any of your relationships for granted.

5. Flexibility to enjoy life!

Would you say you live to work, or work to live. I'm willing to bet you chose the latter. Who in the world wants to spend their entire life working and not completely enjoy it? When you have the passion to do what you do, it doesn't ever feel like work. Side hustles are pretty fun. When you have the flexibility to do what you do, you can truly enjoy your life and live on your own terms. I'm willing to bet that you're able to work from your phone... and probably spend a lot of time on it. You could be maximizing your time and making some coin by learning how to monetize some of your pastimes or passions. It takes work, but when you can #workfromwhereever or #workwhenever, its not all that bad. I have my 9-5. However, I dedicate about 10 hours per week on my side biz and it's bringing me so much joy and incredible opportunities I wouldn't have imagined having 4-5 years ago. It still takes work, but it doesn't feel like it.

I know that you're a savvy, sophisticated, and strong soul, and I don't want you to miss out on this. There are many ways to start a side hustle, but I'm going to share with you how I got started with mine and what you can do to start yours. I've been building a team of high achieving entrepreneurs for the past year and I'm looking for strong professionals who are tired of waiting on a raise, who are ready to level up, take control of their life, and have fun doing it! With wine. If you're at all interested in learning more about what I've done with Wine Boss Babe, apply here to join my team and we can talk more to see if this is the right opportunity for you. We have a very special team of successful, passionate people and I would love to share more with you. Apply here to learn more about our team, and in the meantime...

Cheers to your success!

Brittanni Below, MBA is a coach, speaker, and trainer based in Houston, TX that provides services to help fierce and self-driven women to live a more balanced, healthy, and more fulfilling life. By fully understanding your unique talents and gifts and what is distracting you from being successful, Brittanni helps you transform fear, lack of confidence, and life challenges, into lessons that push you to crush the goals that you've set for yourself. If you're interested in personal coaching, book a personal coaching session with Brittanni here.

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